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Medical Comics

Are you tired of struggling to understand complex medical concepts? Do you wish there was a more engaging and enjoyable way to learn about the human body and how it works?


Look no further than Medical Comics! Our team of medical professionals and artists have teamed up to create educational and entertaining comics that make learning about medical topics a breeze. Our comics cover a wide range of topics, from common illnesses to advanced surgical procedures. Not only will you be able to easily grasp the material, but you'll have fun doing it!


Don't waste any more time struggling to understand boring textbooks - purchase a  Medical Comics today and revolutionize the way you learn about medicine!

Note: You can access medical comics with 3 options

option 1: Buy individual medical comic kindle e-book 

option 2: Buy individual comic book in paperback format from amazon

option 3: Buy superhero plan and read all comics on this website for free along with all mindmaps (Recommended)


Clostridium perfringenes

Medical Comic Book

By Dr. Tanmay Mehta


Parasitology Basics

Medical Comic Book

By Dr. Tanmay Mehta


Intestinal Nematodes

Medical Comic

By Dr. Tanmay Mehta



Medical Comic Book

By Dr. Tanmay Mehta


Acute Rheumatic Fever

Medical Comic Book

By Dr. Tanmay Mehta


Menstrual Marvel

Medical Comic Book

By Dr Akruti Mehta & Dr. Tanmay Mehta

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